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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: AG Giving?

A: AG Giving is the new way to give. This site allows you to contribute to AG ministries and missionaries, review your previous gifts, print giving receipts, and manage your recurring contributions.

Q: How do I login?

A: To login to AG Giving you will need to type in your AG Passport username and password. Click here to Log in.

Q: What is AG Passport?

A: AG Passport is the authentication system used by the Assemblies of God to Log In to AG websites. AG Giving uses AG Passport to ensure the security of your giving information. Using AG Passport guarantees only you have access your AG Giving account.

Q: How do I get an AG Passport login?

A: To create an AGPassport login you will need to visit and click the Sign Up link. You will need your account number for this process. A login will be generated for you and your username and password will be emailed to you. Then, return to to use your new login.

Q: What is my account number?

A: Anyone who is an accredited minister or missionary with the Assemblies of God, has donated to the General Council of the Assemblies of God, or purchased materials from GPH has been assigned an account number. This number is found on your Minister’s ID Card or any blue and white receipt sent from the General Council.

Q: What if I don’t have an account number?

A: No problem. Just Checkout as a Guest during the checkout process. You'll have the opportunity to create an AG Passport login during checkout.

Q: How can I use AG Giving to manage the giving for my church?

To manage giving for an official AG church, the lead pastor must login with his/her minister login, or someone he/she has setup through AG Giving as an account representative for the church.

Q: How do I setup an account representative for my church?

For official AG churches, the lead pastor must login using his/her minister login. Once logged in, on the Account Selection screen, the pastor will see the name of the church listed. Click on "I would like to authorize an Account Representative to manage this account." You will need to add the Username of the person you wish to setup as an account representative. After that, your account representative can log in to and will be able to view your church account.

Q: Do you accept eCheck or ACH transactions?

Yes, we accept eCheck/ACH payments from U.S. financial institutions. The total amount of the donation must be less than $5,000.00.

Please allow three business days for your bank to process your E-Check transaction.

If your transaction is declined, please contact your bank or our eCheck provider, First Data TeleCheck at this address: to resolve issues with your data.

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